And the Winner of the Allume Scholarship is….

Tammy from The Skipper Clan! {insert loud cheering here!}

Tammy Writes:

God is using my words, this space, to share what He is doing in my life, in the hope that it will encourage you. Being a steward of the words He gives me, of this space, of my time. That is what it means to be a Write It, Girl.

Tammy was chosen by random number generator for this post she wrote last week. Her prize? A ticked to the Allume Social Conference in October!

Thanks so much to all who entered, we loved reading your words! And thank you Write It, Girl community for being you and being awesome.

Katie and I will be dreaming up something sweet for the Summer Write It, Girl Tour.  Either that, or we will be on the beach catching some rays.  In the mean time, you stay connected on Twitter using the #writeitgirl or by visiting each other through the Write It Girl, Directory.  We love you all!  Keep writing!


About Stacey

Stacey is Mike’s wife and the mother of 4 vibrant girls. She is a Writer Girl who loves God’s Word and connecting with women. You can find her blogging at 29lincolnavenue where she hopes to encourage your heart, grow in faith together, and talk about the stuff of life. Stacey is blessed to be part of MODsquad Blog for Mothers of Daughters and co-author of the ebook "Hope for The Weary Mom". Follow her on Twitter @stacey29lincoln.


  1. Hooray! Congrats and hope Tammy will share her fun time with us by WRITING about it!

  2. Congrats Tammy!! Have a GREAT time!

  3. I am so grateful I cannot begin to express it. Thank you Stacey and Katie for acting on the prompts of God and starting this community. May God be glorified through this!

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